We carry a wide variety of  ammunitions . Here are displayed ammunitions for next purpose: hunting, sport, strength test of the barrel and law enforcement. Also we are pleased to offer to our costumers  products as tear gas sprays (OC, CS, CR) for law enforcement and personal defence. Please contact our sales staff if the ammunition you are searching for is not available.

Slug, buckshot

Slug, buckshot

Ammunition for the smooth barrel

Ammunition for the smooth barrel

"Stopper" traumatic ammunition a paragraph.

​Cal.           Model                     Slug weight, g
12/70       Stopper - 1                  1x3,9 g
                Stopper - 2                  2x3,9 g
                Stopper - 3                  3x3,9 g
                Stopper - XL               1x9,8 g
                Stopper - 18              18x0,4 g
  20/70     Stopper - 3                  3x2,6 g
                Stopper - 12              12x0,7 g
  410/76   Stopper - 4                  4x0,7 g   

*Minimal safety shooting range - 10m. Energy of the shoot, can be changed on request.


Slug ,buckhot

12/70 buckshot 8mm (accuracy 92-100% on 35m)
•best for the shot distance.


12/70 steel slug, 30,5 g (470,68 grain) (accuracy 80mm on 50m)
•penetration of light armor;
•stopping vehicles.


12/70 no rebound 18g (227.78 grain) ( accuracy 65mm on 50m)
•best for indoor shooting;
•door opening, destruction of locks.

Ammunition for traumatic hand guns

For traumatics guns

Ammunition for traumatic hand guns with rubber bullet

Military aerosols/foams

Military aerosols/foams

"Zveroboi" aerosol                           "Strazh"aerosol

                 models                                        models

             "Zveroboi-10M"'                          "Strazh-A"aerosol

             "Zveroboi-10"                              "Strazh-AC"aerosol-jet

             "Zveroboi-10B"​                            "Strazh-C"jet



                                     "Dragon"  foam OC+CS

•increased wind resistance;
•can be used indoors;
•more powerfull chemic formula;
•non flame able;
•not necessary do use a gas mask