kombat t 98 military and police armored vehicles
Kombat T-98 


Its all-metal body is created with the highest quality steel and provides maximum strength parameters of the body and car design in general..


Armoring options: from B2 to highest — B7.


Kombat is all-road vehicle with the unique protection capabilities from level B2 to the highest level - B7, also available STANAG NATO protection level 3/4, it includes protection from 12,7 mm bullet(heavy machineguns), this level of protection not available to any armoring passenger vehicles and using for light tank.


There are is two base versions of the Kombat T-98. 


All vehicles are built with “Run Flat Tiers”.

kombat t 98 military and police armored vehicles
Kombat T-98, “UTILITY”


“Utility” Kombat (the different interiors, engine is diesel, painting, there is gun ports and roof gun ring also more strong suspensions) is for the special operation, some of the troops or police use, with a few types of the body specialty design, the engine is 365HP diesel and 6-speed ZF manual or automatic transmission.


Off-road KOMBAT characteristics are provided by the quality and reliability of 2009 model General Motors Company component parts.


The armored body - is personal pride of Combat Armoring Group. Reached by means of hi-quality Germany bulletproof steels, the body is extraordinary strong. 


The interior seating, design and protection for the Police is based on customer ‘s needs.


kombat m 4 tactical armored vehicles
Kombat M4  Tactical Vehicle


M4 is high mobility robust vehicles have been designed to outperform other vehicles in there class providing greater power and load-carrying capability whilst being reliable and multi-mission capable.


M4 vehicles serve as cargo-troop carriers, automatic weapon platforms, ambulance, missile carriers, communications- shelter carriers amongst many other roles.


The vehicles are also capable of fording 1.2 m. without installing any modification kit or equipment.

Optional equipment is available and includes a self recovery winch, and supplemental amour fore ballistic and blast protection.


Many variants including the armament and personnel carriers provide mounting and firing capabilities fore grenade lunches and machine guns.

Combat T-98 Army Applications


The armored body is based on a "metal-ceramic sandwich with cellular filler" technology. The 50 mm thick glass is proof against a 12 gauge shotgun firing an armor-piercing bullet.


The monocoque body provides protection against mines blasts.

It is driven by a 340bhp V8, which gives the T-98 a top speed of 111mph (178km/h), making it the fastest all-terrain armoured vehicle in the world.


The T-98 contains satellite navigation, a flat-screen television which can play DVD, climate control and an interior containing a mix of leather and wood. All the running gear and electronics are provided by General Motors. Kombat Armouring claims that the T-98 will protect occupants from bullets up to 12.7mm, shotguns, mines and ramming

Tests for army

"Kombat" to do for army he had to pass a set of various tests. "Kombat" was constructed with all wishes and requirements of military.