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Kombat T-98 VIP Armored car

Kombat T-98 VIP Armored car

Kombat T-98 VIP Armored car

Kombat T-98 VIP Armored car
Kombat T-98  Military and police armored vehicles

Kombat T-98  Military and police armored vehicles

The GHOST III holster has been specifically designed for military and law enforcement use. The holsters are subject to the most rigorous tests regarding safety systems,durability and materials. Our customers demand only the best and we work closely together with them to give them just that. Our locking system, modular design and rotation feature was and still is the most innovative step forward in the design of duty gear. It is available for the most popular weapon models used by military and law enforcement worldwide.


Thermoformed technopolimer holster, thanks to a reduced spacer and size it is ideal for concealed carry – both for police, military as well for sport (IDPA, IASC and ACTION SHOOTING).

Paddle Belt
The PADDLE BELT attachment allows to carry the holster without the belt, the holster will stay stable during the extraction of the pistol.

Our holster The Civilain Ghost with high ride system can be used with all kinds of belts (3,5 – 5,5cm).

The latest innovation from Ghost International is the Ghost IV Sentry. This holster gives the user the
unique ability to wear a handgun with a light/laser in the same holster as the basic weapon. The DMS (Dual Mode System) provides for a perfect fit in bothversions with the simple flip of a switch. Simple, affordable, innovative and just what users want. No more using two different holsters for the same weapon when you want to use a light or laser. The best thing is, the holster fits on all existing odules.)

Tactical vest holster

MOLLE VEST MODULE Slide the module between the Molle straps and use the same holster you are familiar with on your OPS vest.

• Attaching to the vest is easy and fast

• The used materials guarantee a secure fix on the vest

• For Right and left hand attachment

Tactical vest holster  Thermoformed TechnoPolymere
holster, thanks to the reduced spacer and size it is ideal for ops vest carry – both for police and military.

Thanks to the ABS plate with pushlock laces the holster can be used on the mollè system of your OPS vest. To change the angle use the holes of the plate.

Tactical vest holster
TACTICAL JACKET  “mollè” system module.


Handcuff holder

• For standard hand cuff
• High impact resistant nylon material
• Preformed shape
• Hard shell

Handcuff holder for LIPS/SPE

This new patented handcuff
holder has been designed in cooperation with the Dutch Royal
Police. The retention system is a
completely new, innovative system
which enables the user to
retract and holster the cuffs with
one hand. He can do this blindly,
the cuffs lock automatically in the
holder. Only fits the SPE and LIPS
cuffs. Suitable for 3 belt sizes.

Handcuff holder

Expandable Tactical Baton in techno polymer available in black or white.

High quality products for extreme demands

The system locks with an aluminum pin. The handle is engraved for a better gripxpandable Tactical Baton in techno polymer available in black or white.High Impact Resistant material, tested in every situation. Incredible flexible! Prevents serious injuries but doesn't break or buckle

Tactical vests


All the products are under strict control and are compliant with ISO 9001:2000 certification