The optical sport shooting equipment is suitable both for practising and competitions. The core of the product is its software in the circuit board with an integrated laser module.
This equipment is compatible with the electronic targets homologated by the International Modern Pentathlon Union
(UIPM). The laser beam is either non-coded or includes a code defined by UIPM.











To emulate traditional shooting, the gun has a so-called barrel time, a time a bullet would normally take to go through the barrel. This shot delay is 8ms. The shooter should thus take into consideration the same aspects as with a normal gun when pulling the trigger.


The products fulfills the requirements
for Laser Class 2 according to the standard EN/IEC 60825-1:2007.




• max output 1 mW
• nominal wavelength 650 nm
• dot at 10 meters 5 mm
• permanent beam for zeroing
• functional in a dry firing mode or with pressure
• 3,7 V 750 mA rechargeable Li-on battery and integrated
charging circle
• UIPM laser code and non-coded 22 ms pulse
• shot delay 8 ms
• operating temperature -10 + 50 oC
• laser class 2













The laser container for air pistols (BRU-2011 L) was homologated on 7th December 2011 after tests in London and it was used first time in combined event competition in Budapest 2012 (World Cup 3). BRU-2011 L units are modelspecific.


The model can be found on the side of the unit.
BRU-2011 L is currently available for:
• Steyr LP 10
• Anschütz @LP
• Walther LP 300 XT, LP 200, CP 2
• Hämmerli AP 40, 480
• Feinwerkbau P 44, P34
• Morini CM 162​



Dimension and weight  

• weight 257 gr

• length 225 mm





laser container for air pistols




The functions of the system are based on an IR-light source as target centre, and a target centre-identifying camera placed in the gun. The shooting software is in the gun’s circle board. The placement of the shot is determinated by the image given by the camera inside the gun. The shot delay (barrel time) has been 
included in the calculation. The shooting results are shown on a separate display unit, or on the PC’s screen.

A gun and a display unit form a pair and they communicate via radio transmission. The shooting is saved on a display unit’s memory to be repeated for re-analysis. The gun can store a total of 100 most recent shots. Shots can be easily downloaded into a display unit for later analysis.

The system is meant to be used on a 10-meter shooting distance, but it can vary between 5 and 15 meters. The camera and optics will adjust the results to correspond a 10-meter shooting distance.


Russian Arms Company  has started to offer a new generation´s shooting system. The new system represents some significant new features - a wireless data transmission and a placement of shooting programmes in the gun.


The shooting system consists of an optical pistol (ELP-10) or alternatively of a barrel replacement unit (BRU-10), a target unit (TAR-100), and a display unit (E-Di 3).


The software is placed on the gun´s circle board. The result will be seen and saved on the display unit when shooting. All settings, like the shooting time, the hit limit, and the size of target on display, are controlled with the display unit.


The shooting distance can vary between 5 - 15 meters, but the result is always scaled to the 10 meters shooting distance. At the moment there are two shooting programmes in the pistol: a free shooting and a pentathlon competition shooting. PLEASE NOTE! BRU-10 is not suitable for UIPM competitions. For competitive use in pentathlon you need a BRU-2011 L -unit. The results are indicated by either points or hit/miss shots and by sound signals. New shooting programmes will be introduced as required. Shooting can be performed also without the display unit. In this case the feedback is either a hit or a miss, and the result will be indicated with scoring LEDs on both sides of the pistol accompanied by sound signals.


The ELP-10 pistol is specially designed for beginners. It is slightly lighter than a normal air pistol and its structure and functions are simple. At the outset, all units just need to be switched on. When using the pistol for the first time, the pistol and the display need to paired. This will be performed by connecting these devices with a USB cable. Although the ELP-10 is very simple to use, it includes a totally adjustable trigger unit and micrometric sights.


BRU-10 is a replacement unit for an air pistol barrel. It includes the same software than the ELP-10. The assembly is easy and quick to perform. When using the BR-unit the shooter uses the air pistol's original trigger mechanism and the shot will be registered by a vibration sensor (G-sensor). BRU-10 can be used either in a dry firing mode or with pressure. Shooting with pressure will give the same tactile sensation/feeling as the original shooting with pellets. BR-units are now available for all common air pistol models.


The new generation´s shooting system is environmentally friendly and follows the principles of sustainable development and it is fully safe for users and surroundings. It is noiseless and totally lead-free. Because there are no laser beams, the shooting does not endanger the athlete or people around him. Neither it can be interrupted from outside. The system gives an opportunity to bring shooting events in places that were out of the question before. Basically, the shooting training can take place even in your own living room.


Because of the transparent body, the entry level pistol is easy to differentiate from a real weapon. The transportation of devices is easy and does not cause problems, for example, in security checks at airports.




  • Pistol ELP-10

  • Display unit E-Di 3

  • Target TAR-170

  • USB charger

  • USB cable 2 pcs

  • Transportation case

                      A NEW GENERATION OF SHOOTING


  • BR-unit BRU-10

  • Display unit E-Di 3

  • Target TAR-170

  • USB charger

  • USB cable 2 pcs